Impressive people met around the world
Photo by Daisuke Tanimura, courtesy of Dao Photo by Daisuke Tanimura, courtesy of Dao

Mr.Shinji Tanimura, internationally active singer-song writer, has so graceously agreed to compose a campaign song to save children from drug abuse in response the letter I wrote to him earlier this year with the assistance of the Drug Abuse Prevention Centre of Japan. Taken at Budokan arena, where he performed the composition 'Gita' together with 'Subaru'. (Photo courtesy of Dao) Tokyo, July 2007
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Also together with Mrs. Tanimura, President of the production. The couple are supporting UNODC's advocacy efforts. We intend to launch a new phase of our regional campaign. (Photo courtesy of Dao) Tokyo, July 2007

With Ms. So Hee KIM, Olimpic Gold medalist, Short Track, Lillehammrl, and two-time World Champion, Seoul, June 2006

With Actress Ms. Julia Ormond, UNODC Goodwill Ambassador for the abolition of Slavery and Trafficking, Bangkok, May 2006

With Ms. Veronica Colondam, CEO and Founder, YCAB (Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa), Indonesian NGO <>, May 2006
With Chief Justice Bagir Manan, Supreme Court of Indonesia, May 2006
With Ms. Indonesia, Jakarta, November 2005
With the Attorney General of Thailand, Bangkok, October 2005

With Dr. Peter Piot, Executive Director, UNAIDS, on the occasion of the First Regional Directors' Forum, Jaipur, Inida, November 2005

With Dr. Kantati, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand (centre) and Mr. Antonio Maria Costa, Executive Director, UNODC (right), Chiang Rai, February 2006
With Mr. Jose Ramos Horta, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Timor Leste, on the occasion of the World AIDS Conference, Bangkok, July 2004
With Senator Prateep Ungsongtham Hata, Secretary-General, Duang Prateep Foundation, on the occasion of the launch of the Report of the International Narcotics Control Board, February 2005
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